Did you know Silver Colloid was used in ancient times by the Egyptian's, Greeks, Romans,
and the Wealthy Elite for its germicological and bactericidal properties?
Thusly, the term "Born with a Silver Spoon" was coined.
Subsequently, if one was wealthy enough to "eat off of" and "with" fine silver.....
There was a marked & discernible difference in one's health.
The term "Blue Bloods" was also coined to describe the "elite".
Which brings me to the subject of people supposedly turning blue.....
In 11 years, I have personally consumed "hundreds of gallons" of silver water,
99% of which I made personally and often with tap water.
To put it mildly, "I'm not blue!" Not even close.
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I Encourage Each & Every One of You to use Colloidal Silver as the Catalyst for Your Own Personal Awakening!


/ Whether you're getting your Colloidal Silver gear from me or getting a free kit & using it yourself or sharing it with others. I'm honored to be able to give back in this manner. Rest assured, if you get your Colloidal Silver supplies from me, you are making a difference to others who are not so fortunate. BPAs in the plastic, fluoride & chlorine in the water, microwave radiation used to cook the corrupted GMO food supply. Labeling and organic standards that are uniquely deceptive. Of course GMO corn & soy everywhere!
The truth.... Monsanto seed is grown in "organic soil" and sold to you as "organic"
at sometimes twice the price!

Organic is simply the method and the means in which something is germinated-grown and cultivated. If you put a GMO seed into "organic" soil.... IT'S STILL GMO! Organic Shmorganic at that point! Microwave Radiation actually alters the structure of food
so your body views it as an enemy!

SOY is sold as something that is good for you right?   Maybe..... if 95% of the world's soy bean production wasn't using
"Roundup Ready" GMO Seed Stock from MONSANTO !!

You do realize that Soy is the #1 ingredient in Baby Formula? Has anyone you have ever known ever put Soy Baby Formula in a BPA Laced Plastic Bottle, filled it with Fluoride & Chlorine Infused Tap Water, put it a Microwave Oven for 3-5 minutes & given it to baby?


One day I thought...... If they're lying to us about all these things including medicine.... What else are they lying to us about?

Some of these things might astound you.... Geography, Human History and Ancestry, the Musical Scale, Time, Space, Breathing Rhythm, Jesus Christ & the Sun, Sound Resonance, Free Electricity.





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